Shiyu Ding was born in Wuhan, China in 1995. Yuki is the name that She has been using since came Canada in 2014 for university. Shiyu Ding is also called Yuki. 

Shiyu Ding in China

She was formally trained in an art high school. Under the  Chinese strict art training circumstances, Shiyu went through a "military-liked" art concentration. She was brought to Beijing, the capital of China for art training since Wuhan is rather small city. Million students copy one still life. The intense competition. All of these make her feel restricted in making art. This training is a double blade. Even though Shiyu is interested in art since very young age and explored different material such as ceramic, painting,and all different kinds of material. From memories, Shiyu is first inspired by Gargan's primtive painting when she was around 8 years old. She was asked to copy one of Gaugain's painting. Even though at that point, she did not know who the artist is and how fanouse he is. She still remember the color pallet and the brush stroke of the cloud Gaugain made. This seems like an seed of aesthetic in Shiyu's heart. 

In 2014, Shiyu went to study abroad at Canada. She used the Japenese sound like name that her elementary teacher gave to her "Yuki" and has used this name till now. Shiyu Ding is also called Yuki as a informal nickname. 

explore myself in Canada 

Yuki seems like an new beiginig for an unisual experience in her life. In the Emily Carr University of art and design, Yuki studied painting and print making. She was given lots freedom to do whatever interested her. It made  lot difference in the create process. She then looks back/rethink all theses painting and drawing techniques she was taught in China. Painting with more consciousness, She found the nature of herself that was conceived under the coat of Chinese art education for long time. 

 She is interested in movement. Gesture. After seeing a mime and circus performance "Pss Pss", she realized that she is truly interested in the dramatic and physical movement in the performance. The untold mysterious vibe and the ambiguous way to tell the happiness and sadness and humanity though body movement, sound and stage design. All these elements deeply interested her. Later she got connected with these two performer artists. She did drawing and painting for them to express her passion and appreciation toward their show. She found the quality of the mime and circus is like her own life , her own  interpretation towards this world. The tragedy, the drama in people's life. She wants to bring the emotion out in the urban life. She want to visually express the drama quality of life. Painting is like a song. Life is like a drama. Human are like performer and also observer. (She thinks herslef as both the performer of life and also observer of life). 

Oil painting is not the only way of doing art work. She did lots charcoal drawing. Different mediums have different characteristics. Some are suit to the subjects that She wants to express. Ans some does not. 

The immediacy of the physical theatre and performance.